Autumn Breeze

This tutorial was written by me on 26 October 2012. Any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental. This tag was made in PSP X but you can make it any version. You need a good working knowledge of PSP.


Paint Shop Pro or similar graphics program.

Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Zindy S D Nielsen. Store links for Zindy's artwork are on her site and she has a selection of free tubes available as well. You do need a license to use her Pay To Use tubes.

Scrap kit of choice. Ideally you will want a scrapkit that compliments your tube, not only in colours but in the elements. I am using my PTU Autumn Harvest kit as the sunflower elements compliments the sunflower in Zindy's drawing. You particularly need 1 or 2 papers, a frame/cluster frame, flower or other elements for decoration.

Sparkle filter of choice. I used Alienskin Xenofex which is sadly no longer available but you could substitute VM Natural. Sparkling is optional but I love a bit of bling!

Font of choice.



1. Open a new canvas 500 x 500 pixels and floodfill white.

2. Copy and paste your frame to the canvas and resize if necessary. I resized to 75%.

3. Copy and paste your tube to the canvas and resize if necessary. I resized 75%. Position your tube in the frame to suit and sharpen the image if required. Adjust menu - Sharpen - Unsharp Mask

4. Click on the frame layer. Select your Preset Shape tool and select the shape that matches your frame. In my case that is the ellipsis. With your foreground closed off and background set to any colour, draw out a shape that covers the middle section of your frame. Your shape should be slightly bigger than the frame hole but not extend past the outer edge of the frame. Lower the opacity of your vector layer to make sure the hole is covered. Right click and convert to a raster layer.

5. Click on the white background layer. Choose the paper you want for the background of the frame. Resize the paper to the same size as your canvas and copy and paste as a new layer.

6. Click on the shape layer and from the Selections menu - Select all - Float - Defloat - Invert. Click on your tube layer and press delete. Click on your paper layer and press delete. Selections menu - Select none. Hide the shape layer.

7. Duplicate the paper layer and from the Adjust menu apply Gaussian Blur with a radius of 30. Select - Float - Defloat - Select none on your blur layer.

8. Apply your sparkle filter to the blur layer. I have screenshots for Xenofex Constellation and VM Natural below. I used my Colour Replacer tool to change my sparkles from white to a creamier colour to better suit the tag. Adjust the star size to suit. Anything between 5 and 7 gives a good result in Xenofex.

9. Click on the white background layer. Resize your second scrap paper to match your canvas size. Copy and paste as a new layer.

10. Apply the edge mask to the paper. This mask was made using Filters Unlimited ICNET Filters - Edges, Square number 17 and applying it to the paper several times. If you have Filters Unlimited you can apply the filter otherwise you can download the mask I made here (right click and save). Have the mask open in PSP and from the Layers menu select New Mask Layer - From Image and apply to the paper using the settings. Right click and merge group.

11. Resize the paper layer to 80% and lower the layer opacity to 85%. Duplicate the layer then from the Image menu - Free Rotate - 20 degrees right.

12. Link your frame layers ie frame, tube, sparkle and backing in the layer palette so that when you move one they all move together. You can delete your shape layer as you don't need it any more. Your palette should look something like this -

13. Click back on the top paper layer and resize to 97%.

14. Click on the frame layer and reposition it towards the lower left of your canvas.

15. Click on the bottom paper and using your raster deform tool, stretch it out until all your sparkles have colour under them.

16. Apply Drop Shadow at the following settings to both paper layers and the frame layer. Apply shadow to each of the layers again but this time reduce the Opacity to 30 (may not be necessary for lighter coloured papers).

17. Now comes the fun part! Add a quote in your favourite font - Google is your friend! I used the font Adage Script in my tag. Using elements of your choice from the scrapkit, fill up some of the blank spots in your tag. Cluster together similar items, resize them in proportion with other elements in the tag. Use your Flip, Mirror and Rotate functions to make the same element look slightly different. The same element at several different sizes works well in a cluster too. It really is just a matter of playing around with the elements until you get something you like. Add the same drop shadow you used on the frame and papers to the new elements you add.

18. Add your name and copyright information. Export as a jpg and you are done.

The example below was made using my freebie Pinks kit. You can download the TAG SIZE KIT here. Download links for the FULL SIZE KIT are on my blog.


1. Make your tag as above. At step 7, after applying the Gaussian blur duplicate 2 more times so that you have 3 layers to add sparkle to.

2. Add sparkle to each blur layer. For Xenofex you click the random button for each layer. For VM Natural you change the Random Seed for each layer. Close off two of the sparkle layers so you can see what you are doing. Finish making your tag as per the instructions above.

3. To assemble your animation, Edit menu - Copy Merged - Paste as a new image. Close the open sparkle layer and open the next sparkle layer. Edit - Copy Merged - Paste as a new layer. Repeat for final sparkle layer. Save this new file as a .psp file.

4. Open your .psp file in Animation Shop. Edit menu - Select all. Animation menu - Frame Properties - change Display time to 25.

5. File menu - Save As - filename - Save. Use the screenshot below to check you Optimization settings. Finish the save process and you are done.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.