Glitter Sprinkles

This tutorial was written by me on 7 December 2012. Any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental. This tutorial was written in PSP X but you can make it any version. You need a good working knowledge of PSP. You are free to do whatever you want with your result from the tutorial, including offering it for sale. You MAY NOT script my tutorial or claim it as your own.


Paint Shop Pro or similar graphics program.

Glitter tiles. If you don't have any glitter tiles you can find them in any of my free (links on my blog) or PTU scrapkits. To use the gold tile I have used in this tutorial right click and save to your Patterns folder -



1. Open a new canvas 25 x 25 pixels. Resolution should be set at 300ppi if you want to use this in projects that will be printed. Floodfill with #000000.

2. File menu - Export - Custom Brush. Fill in the details on the screen using the ones below as a guide. Put your own name as author and for Copyright. You can make note that it is from a tut in the description if you wish. Click OK to save your brush.


3. Glitter is all about the jitter! Make sure your Brush Variance Palette is visible (View - Palettes - tick Brush Variance). Open a canvas (any size) so we can experiment. Click on your brush tool and select your new brush. Set a glitter tile as the foreground on your materials palette. Size the pattern to about 50%. Use my brush settings as a guide to start.


4. Now comes the fun part! Start drawing! I have listed some of the functions below and my understanding of what they do -

STEP - the higher the number the sparser the glitter. If you want a more dense trail then decrease the Step.

IMPRESSIONS PER STEP - If you were to click the brush once you would get 10 squares. Increasing this number makes your glitter trail more dense.

POSITION JITTER - the number at the bottom of the table determines the spread of the trail eg

The jitter beside each of the individual components changes that component only eg for size you will get a variety of different sized squares.


5. Experiment with the different settings to get a finish that you like. Remember to size your brush according to the size of your canvas. Even for a large canvas like a full size scrap paper (3600 x 3600) you shouldn't need a large brush size but it depends on how fine you want your glitter to look. The settings under the size tab can give some interesting results. Change to the circular brush if you don't like square glitter.


6. Finally, a few tips -

If you are doing something like an overlay or a border, build the glitter up in layers.

Sometimes sharpening the final result can give just a little more sparkle.

Drop shadow can help your glitter to stand out.

Add a sparkle filter to the finished glitter for a different effect.


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.