Santa Hat

This tutorial was written by me on 2 December 2012. Any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental. This hat was made in PSP X but you can make it any version. You need a good working knowledge of PSP. You are free to do whatever you want with your result from the tutorial, including offering it for sale. You MAY NOT script my tutorial or claim it as your own.


Paint Shop Pro or similar graphics program.

Fuzzy Fiber Brushes by Shawna. I strongly suggest you do the tut by Shawna first as it explains how to use the brushes. You will find the tut and the brush download on her blog here



1. Open a new canvas 600 x 600 pixels. You can make this hat any size to suit your project. I am going small as it is easier for the purposes of a tutorial.

2. Select your preset shapes tool and activate the triangle. You should have the Materials Palette with the foreground closed and the background set to the colour you want your hat. Draw out a triangle about the size you want your hat. Make sure you leave enough room to add the pom pom and band to your canvas later.

3. Select your pen tool and make sure you are in Edit Mode.

4. Click on the bottom right node and right click your mouse. Select Node Type then Curve Before. Pick up the handle on your vector tool and drag it to make the line curve out.

5. Click on the bottom left node and right click your mouse. Select Node Type then Curve After. Pick up the handle on your vector tool and drag it to make the line curve in.

6. Click on the top node and drag it down. This is the tip of the hat so position it accordingly. Move the bottom nodes so that the bottom of the hat is on an angle.

7. Add a raster layer and select your brush tool. Set your foreground and background colours to lighter and darker shades of the colour you want your fuzzy band. I used #efe1c7 for the foreground and white for the background. Use the fiber brush that best suits the look you are after. I used Furry Fiber 07. Size your brush to suit the size of the triangle you drew. I used 100 for the pom pom and 75 for the hat band. To draw the pom pom just apply the brush 2 or 3 times in roughly the same spot (you may need to turn the jitter down on your brush variables if it is going all over the place). Add another raster layer for the band. Click on the bottom right node, hold the shift key down and click on the bottom left node (on your raster layer, not the vector layer). Add extra brush strokes to build up the front if you think it needs it. If you are using light colours you may need to close your background so you can see what you are doing or change it to a darker colour.

8. Activate the vector layer and adjust the curves of your hat to suit - pen tool in edit mode. Click on the top node and edit node - curve before to improve the shape of curve. Once the hat is shaped to your satisfaction, convert to raster layer.

9. Select, float and defloat the hat layer and using the lighten/darken tool, darken the inside curve of the hat using the following settings.

10. Close off the background layer and merge visible and you are done. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.