1. You MAY use these items to create your own scrap kits, scrap for hire pages, element packs, quick pages, brag book pages, etc. You may sell the items you create (unless greyscale see point 6). With the exception of scrap kits and element packs, finished products should be a single layer file. 

2. You MAY NOT sell any designer resource "AS IS" - you must make something with it and it should be heavily modified from the original resource. THIS MEANS YOU MAY NOT SELL THE TUBES IN THIS PACK AS THEY ARE - use them to decorate something eg a frame, a scrap paper, etc. 

3. You MAY NOT claim these resources as your own. The copyright for the resource remains with the person who originally created it, me. 

4. You MAY NOT sell, share or in any way distribute the original files included in the download folder eg the tubes, how to screenshots, textures, etc. 

5. You MAY NOT make greyscale elements from my scripts/elements and sell them as commercial use items. The exception is if you are making an overlay which is usually presented in greyscale. Please tell people where they can get them from. 

I try and keep my CU terms pretty user friendly. You are not required to buy another license to create your own CU items from my items. I don't have a set % for how much of my CU products can be used in a kit. I do encourage people to try and make their scrap items "their" designs rather than just using someone else's work. My CU terms include a statement about not sharing the item in its original form and this can get a bit confusing as many CU items are designed to be used as they are. To clarify I have listed suggested ways to use my items - 

OVERLAYS - change the overlays by adding textures, filters and effects. It is also fine to use them as they are to create a paper pack because that is what they are designed for basically. Use 2 or 3 overlays together for different effects. 

TUBES - add filters or effects to change the look/finish of them slightly, incorporate them into elements like frames or clusters, make stickers, incorporate them into papers 

DESIGNER RESOURCES eg charms, gem stones etc - you can make element packs from these sorts of things but again with the charms it should be the finished charm (stone and chain) not the individual pieces you buy. Incorporate the gemstones into a finished piece of jewellery or accent. Things like the pearl frames and lace doilies can be incorporated into clusters or just simply recoloured. 

SCRIPTS - you are free to make element packs for resale, make elements for your own kits etc. The only thing prohibited with the scripts is selling/sharing the .pspscript file and other items in the original download or running the script and making the finished product greyscale and selling/giving it away. You can run the script and make a pattern for an overlay with the finished result from the script. 

BRUSHES - use them to create your own items 



1. You MAY use my Commercial Use scrap kits to create scrap for hire pages (S4H), quick pages, brag book pages, etc. You may sell the items you create. Without exception, the finished product should be a single layer file ie merged. 

2. You MAY NOT sell my scrap kit "AS IS" - you must make something with it and your final product must be a merged, single layer file. 

3. You MAY NOT create element packs from my scrap kits. 

4. You MAY NOT alter the files contained in the kit in any way. Recolouring and resizing to suit your project is permitted. 

5. You MAY NOT claim these kits as your own. The copyright for the kit remains with the person who originally created it - me. 

6. You MAY NOT take elements from my kits and include them in your own kits for resale.  Check my stores as the tube or script may be available for you to purchase for your own CU needs.

7. I DO allow my full size kits to be used for decoupage pages, card making and other printed crafts but you must give credit for the graphics you use from my kits. 

Finished product must be a merged single layer file so you could give away/sell quick pages, brag books that sort of thing. You cannot use pieces from my kit in one of your own kits. 



TAG SIZE KITS are designed specifically for taggers and are low resolution and PU only (in line with artists TOU). 

1. You MAY resize, re-color, add or subtract from the elements to suit your personal project needs. 

2. You MAY create tutorials using my scrap kits however you MUST very clearly state on the tutorial page that the scrap kit you are using is for example only. Anyone wishing to use the same kit in their own personal creation MUST purchase the kit. 

3. You MAY use my Scrap Kits to create tags, MySpace or Website layouts, stationery and or any other personal digital projects that are applicable. Credit is required on your layout, stationery, etc. If you do contact boxes, you need the © because they can be snagged. 

4. You MAY NOT use my personal use scrap kits or any elements contained within them for any commercial endeavors, barter or used for profit in any way. There may well be a full size version of the kit which will contain better quality images at larger sizes. 

5. You MAY NOT print my personal use scrap kits. They have a low resolution and don't print well - see if there is a full size version. 

6. You MAY NOT share my Pay To Use Personal Use scrap kits or any elements contained within these scrap kits in anyway be it via email, disk, file sharing site or any other known methods of file sharing. No exceptions. 

7. You MAY NOT make your own templates, presets, shapes, brushes etc. from the elements contained within my scrap kits. That means the shadowed images as well. 

8. You MAY NOT take elements from my kits and include them in your own kits for resale.  Check my stores as the tube or script may be available for you to purchase for your own CU needs.

9. You MAY use my scrap kits with Pay To Use or Free To Use artists images, tubes or photography as long as it does not conflict with the terms of use of the artist or photographer or their appointed agent. The artist or photographer credit should come first then a credit for the scrap kit. It is optional for taggers to put a credit for my scrap kits on their tags but it would be appreciated. 

I hope that helps you out and if you have any more questions I'm just an EMAIL away 

Liz aka Bluebird